Darshan With Bapuji On Loving Each Other

Darshan With Bapuji On Loving Each Other

July 29, 1977 am

[Bapuji chants, “Hari Krishna, Hari Rama.”]


So, open your heart; Bapuji is leaving for a month.

So, open your heart.

And take him in as much as you can.

So you remain centered.

It is a very unique opportunity, while Bapuji is here in America, to really contact his energy, and really elevate your consciousness.

Very quickly it can happen.

So make sure you open your heart.


Today, I am leaving for Toronto, so I have come here to take leave from you all.

It is approximately two months that I am here.

And yet, our love between us is very old, very ancient.

I believe that these samskaras are not from this incarnation, but from many incarnations.

This is why we have come together over here.

The preliminary lesson is to love each other.

The question of progress comes after that.

In the sadhana, the question of sadhana, or spiritual practices, comes even after that.

As long as sadhak has not completely given his life to the sadhana, we cannot say that his sadhana has begun.

So for such a practice of such a high sadhana, in the beginning we have to lay the foundation.

Our future work would be successful according to how patiently and how carefully we lay the foundation.

Foundation is, love each other.

Love is the first lesson.

That love itself continues to guide the sadhak.

It is form of God, as well as it is also the form of Guru.

If that flame of love is constantly burning in the heart, then the progress will be natural.

In the beginning, the individual cannot see that flame of love clearly.

But as his love increases, as his desire for growth increases, he can gradually see that light of love.

One who is able to see this light of love, even faintly, he continues to receive the strength from that love.

Love is seeking for us.

We are not found by the love.

If we would be found by love, then our progress will become simple.

That love comes looking for us, when we look at our own self, and when we go through the self-analysis or self-awareness.

The character of this love, at this stage, is such that it likes to love one.

So love himself gives himself totally to the lover.

When there is love among the two, there are no two.

They become one.

The imagination about that love seems to be very rosy, very beautiful.

Every life on this earth, lives on this earth by the imagination of this love.

And if we find the true love, our life will totally be different and transformed.

Even the thinking of such love gives us such joy.

If the love itself comes into our life, there is no way to imagine.

It cannot be calculated by multiplication.

In order to go closer to the truth, or to invite the love close to us, what we should be doing, and I have shown you one answer for that, and that is, self-observation.

That self-observation is observation of love.

As long as we do not forget the external world, we cannot truly enter into the chamber of our heart.

And as long as we fail to enter the inner chamber of our heart, the objective self-observation is not possible.

Before coming to this meditation room, I had a short conversation with Amrit in the car.

When I talked about the self-observation, he asked me one question.

“Gurudev, you are teaching us to have self-observation, which is very appropriate.

But the nature of the brothers and sisters, as I have observed here, when they begin to see their own faults, they become depressed.

Then they go through deep depression, that they find it very difficult to grow.”

But this is the skim of the surface.

Its true scene, or its true position, are of different nature.

It is not proper to say that by self-observation, you only see your faults.

[Gurudev: What a beautiful point!]

Only the one who has the ability to see the good qualities only, or has good qualities only, can see and have the self-observation.

We see our lower qualities only once we realize there are some good qualities also.

So he first recognizes the good qualities.

Then he recognizes the lower qualities.

So just as there is an effect of lower qualities on the mind, there is also an effect of good qualities, too.

So in the beginning, in the heart, begins the love for the good qualities, or love for spiritual growth.

As soon as you have love to reach the higher qualities, you begin to dislike the lower qualities.

Just as you dislike the lower qualities, or bad qualities, the good qualities begin to get sustained, or strengthened.

We can say that the higher qualities are putting all their strength, to remove the lower qualities.

Then, it is not appropriate to feel, or to fear, that when you have self-observation, you would only see the faults, and you would become depressed by it.

But because along with the lower qualities, you would also see the higher qualities.

Just as these good qualities will begin to assume the strength, the other good qualities will begin to flow into you.

Suppose one individual is standing on the highway, going into the city.

And the city is about hundred miles from there.

When this individual is travelling on foot, or in any other vehicle, he goes on leaving behind the beginning, and going towards the end.

In the beginning of this inner journey, what is, is the lower qualities.

And where the city is, where the final destination is, it is the higher qualities.

So just as the lower qualities are left behind, the higher qualities go on increasing.

To obtain the higher qualities, or to let go of the lower qualities: it is one and the same thing.

So by letting go of the lower qualities, the higher qualities naturally come in.

And by holding on to higher qualities, lower qualities naturally go away.

There is another idea that you should hold steady in your heart, too.

And that is, whenever mind is wandering in the external world, towards the objects of the external world, then insight is difficult.

At that time, we dissipate our energy.

[Bapuji caught it. I forgot.]

And when we focus our attention within, then we conserve our energy.

So the imagination that by having your attention drawn within, that you will have more evil qualities, or you will lose energy, is a false imagination.

Just as you master the art of entering within, your energies will be renewed.

You will get more energy.

Just as the deeper the roots of the tree, the more life it has the capacity to draw, and live longer.

So when we focus our attention within, then our energy goes within, and we attain the strength or power of Atman, means purity.

This is enough.

Do your self-observation with love, and have trust and faith in God.

I will also show you an answer when or a method how to come out of any difficulty, or any great difficulty.

So whatever difficulties that have come towards you, and are creating fear in you, just drop that thought about it, and start japa.

And engage all your attention in mantra japa.

And pray to the Lord, that, “You become the fort, for these difficulties.”

In other words, it can be said, that whatever is your problem, and whatever is your difficulty, just offer it at the feet of the Lord.

And be free from all worries and concerns.

Because the merciful Lord will do what is most appropriate for us.

At that time, brahmacharya becomes very helpful.

At such times, being secluded is also helpful.

When you are alone, you can become disappointed or hopeless, or you can find the answers and the strength, too.

At such times, read the inspiring books.

At such times also, keep the pictures of the great masters, who inspire you.

Their presence will really give you the divine inspiration, and will interject a new strength in you.

Here, the spiritual teachers have taught for many years that, “Have trust in God.”

That is not a lie.

That is truth.

That essence is not taught by some ordinary person.

Some special person has given this principle for our own good.

God is.

As soon as you have complete faith that God is, all your works will be taken care of.

Just as all aspects of the coins are within the dollar, so also within God all these energies are included.

There is no fear of any kind.

There is no risk of any type.

Let anyone say anything, whatever they want to say, against him.

One who says that we should not have such trust in God, you would know that he has usually been happy from the birth.

And he must have also gone through the series of successful self efforts in getting what he wanted.

He may not have seen the disappointments and the difficulties in his life.

When he will come across the great disappointments, and the great difficulties in his life, he will have to accept that God is.

But don’t believe that God is born out of disappointments.

God is born from hope.

That’s all I want to say to you.

I have loved you so much, and there is so much love here, that I am hesitating to leave you.

I love you so much.

I wish you the best, and…

Our true union is in separation.

Because the separation is the real union.


Sit up all straight, and we will start Om, when we all start this.