Darshan With Center And Mandal Leaders

Darshan With Center And Mandal Leaders

July 03, 1977 pm

[Bapuji chants Vishvano Dado bhajan & Namah Shivay Om dhun]

Here the freedom that you all receive it is not that way in India.

Even though in India it has become more free there are places where proper practices are practiced.

So give and protect your piety and purity as much as possible.

And there the great importance is given to brahmacharya.

In India those who are really true souls they look at their female disciples as though they are their daughters.

They look at them with great love.

Don’t believe that by loving female as female or male as male you get a lot more love out of it.

The happiness (relationship) that you receive from either male or female by establishing your attitude of a father can also bring you great joy.

It doesn’t have to be with opposite sex.

From a distance the disciple seeing the Guru, they begin to cry from the distance and when they bow down they feel such happiness from the love that they will be able to carry it.

To have so much faith in the Guru and to truly have so much faith is truly the grace of the Lord.

The taste that you get from love, if that love is from selflessness, you get a great joy from it.

So this way in your centers try to keep the maximum purity and this is your sadhana and this will help you also.

During your sadhana to whatever way your life can become an inspiration, that is the true fruit of sadhana.

In life whatever are the faults should be sought out because these are the faults that bring unhappiness in life.

Every year one should keep the note and examine with self-introspection see where you are and where you have come.

This way make an effort to live a pure life.

And whatever family you’re living in by being very open give your love.

Love your husband, love your brother, all the family members.

All this appears to be very good and truthful when you think about it but very difficult to practice.

The more love you have, the more self-control automatically happens.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

So if you really do not give love but continue to do japa of I love you, I love you, I love you, 1,800 times it only excites it doesn’t bring any results.

I have received lots of love even from the sisters and my disciples.

Tomorrow when the Guru Purnima will be celebrated in India thousands of disciples will be congregating.

Ten or fifteen thousand will be sometimes.

Tomorrow many sisters will cry.

So many that came, I did not give them anything other than whenever they cried I simply laid my loving hand on their head or on their back.

That gives very much satisfaction and comfort.

I feel that love is much more than lectures of love even though that is necessary.

And yet if there is only lecture and no action that doesn’t bring any result.

So try to live a good life.

In India the flowers are more respected for their fragrance than from their appearance.

There are so many flowers with so many beautiful fragrances.

The flowers may be there and you sit here and the fragrance just comes to you.

It all depends on the wind and the weather.

Man should also have flowers in him and he should also spread some flowers.

Our love is our fragrance.

Make an effort to make a good life.

Only if you give peace and comfort to others will you receive peace and comfort.

Only if you have the money in your account in the bank then only you can get the money when you want it.

Only if you give peace to others you will find it.

You must learn to see your own faults.

Remember a little bit if you forget everything else.

Literally speaking you cannot retain too much because in the head there is so much filled that no matter how much I pour some will go away anyway.

This time the topic I selected was such that I kept feeling that I didn’t give exactly what way you will be able to use it.

Even though I know that it is very good and it is coming through my experience and it is very useful but it was not right on.

It should be written according to your need and understanding.

If it is written only to satisfy the others needs only then it may be written by them but it cannot be practiced by them either.

If you practice only a little bit that is enough.

That’s plenty.

You are all so fortunate you heard Bapuji personally.

Only what I feel is that I haven’t been able to digest everything in my own life.

The rule is that the one who adapts it in his own life then only can he change others.

Even though my Guru has not engaged in long talks with me, he has taught me the scriptures.

In such a unique way that he has taught me that I have been able to understand the essence of the scriptures.

It is very difficult to understand the scriptures of India and you will not be able to understand these either.

Great learned man had come to me from Poona and he was?

in four or five subject to become?

(expert) in one subject it takes 10 or 12 years and he was expert in 8 subjects.

He had come to Bapuji.

He asked me one question.

Which the subject he had asked me about, he was the expert.

But he was 90 years old.

Bapuji gave him a seat but he would not sit on the seat because he didn’t want to ?

in front of Bapuji.

He sat down on the floor.

He said that I haven’t come as a learned man to you.

I have come as a disciple.

I have studied scriptures.

I have taught scriptures.

Wherever I have not found satisfaction, I have come to ask you the question.

I have only one question.

His question was very intricate.

The question which he had not been able to find and he was 90 years old and that question was to ask Bapuji.

He wasn’t able to find the answer satisfactorily.

This was his question: “Can one find the liberation from karma or from surrender?

If you can find the liberation by karma, why do you need surrender and why is the need of God?

If you can find the liberation from surrender to God, then why do you need to perform actions?

I cannot find this answer.

When I read the part of karma Yoga of actions I feel like I will find liberation through karma.

When I read about surrender to God I think what can poor karma do.

Then how do you attain liberation through karma or through surrender?

I told him the name of karma is surrender.

He immediately bowed down and his eyes are filled with tears.

This is a true incident.

They are not two.

They are one surrendered action probably.

Whatever actions that are performed are offered to God himself, that is the spirit of surrender that brings the freedom.

Means whatever actions both are one.

He was so pleased with the answer.

Even though the answer was in the scriptures, he could not understand it.

He came straight to Bapuji.

There was another gentleman who was head of the Theosophics society and was popular all over India.

As he was talking with Bapuji, he said, “I have the Shiva Sutras, one of the scriptures of Shiva, but I can’t understand some of the meanings.

I told him you will not find it by reading it.

Only by practicing it will you find it.

He was very pleased.

He admitted that is what is lacking in us.

We eat the scriptures and then vomit in the big lecture halls.

But the real approach is practice.

If you haven’t found the true answers yourself, others will not find the true answers.

So be kind and love everyone in your family.

That is the biggest.

Love is the biggest magic.

Today is your day and I give you all this.

Guru’s day is the disciples day.

They have control over Guru today.

They can ask whatever they want.

I love you (in English)