Darshan For Guru Purnima

Bapuji Darshan For Guru Purnima

July 01, 1977 pm


Shri Muniji just said that the message that has been offered to Bapuji, from the grandsons, granddaughters and Amritbai himself, I am going to translate and read that message: Beloved Bapuji, honor these your children and grandchildren by accepting this small gift, which is only the portion of the great prosperity you have offered to us.

We, all your children, love you very much.

Give us the strength to become the wick of your lamp, so that we be your light, so that your light may spread everywhere.

You are the seed of the Kripalu Ashram, the tree of the Kripalu Ashram, the fruits of the Kripalu Ashram, and the flowers of the Kripalu Ashram.

It is the reflection of your own love.

It is our heartfelt prayers to Dadaji and Lord Bhagavan that you become urdhvareta, and obtain to the divine body right here.

Bapuji, do hold our hands because we your children are very innocent and childlike, and do not forget us for many, many incarnations in case we make any mistakes.

The writer is Amrit Desai, for all your children and grandchildren.

I offer you my pranam.

Bapuji chants: Om namah shivaya gurave satchitananda murtaye.

Namastasmai, namastasmai, namastasmai, namo namaha.

My beloved children.

Just when you were observing your guru and his guru together, at the very moment I was observing my own guru in my own minds eye.

Because individual who forgets his own guru is not worthy to be a guru at all.

Only when you can continuously remember guru, you can attain to the moksha, the liberation.

These Indian scriptures say that its alright if the gods are angry with you, but the guru should not be angry at you.

If God is angry, guru would be able to show you the way to please him.

If you present the matter, if you say that God is unhappy or angry with me, to your guru, the guru will show you the technique to please him.

So you can say that if guru is pleased, that is the highest you can please.

Only when guru is pleased, you attain to the Lord. Todays day is of the most supreme importance for the disciples.

Just as a pregnant woman in her last days, she continuously remembers that she is pregnant.

The same way, when guru’s presence is continuously there in the disciples mind, you know that he is now ready, he is established on the path of moksha.

Even if we collect all the loves of this world together, it will be a question whether this will be equal to one ounce of love from the guru. One who naturally thinks and dwells on guru is really a true disciple, the beloved disciple.

Such a disciple is truly very fortunate.

One who has not been fortunate enough to experience the divinity of guru cannot experience the divinity of God.

Those who go from one guru to the other and then back to the other one, maybe we may believe that they are hungry for knowledge.

But his restlessness tells that is impossible for him to truly find the guru. One who wants to find his true guru must have great seriousness and love for knowledge and peace in order to attain to guru.

When I was in India, there was young man who came to me from France.

He had brought one big list of the yogis of India.

And he told me that my name was in it, too.

Then I told that, “Go everywhere.

There is no question, even if you miss me.

I cannot conceive that somebody can find out the true guru so quickly, with one list, and going around so fast.”

In two, three days, how can you find out who is the true guru?

Do you think that the fruit is tasting you or you are tasting the fruit?

There is no way you can test the guru.

If you truly want to find who is the true guru, you will have to be in his presence, live close to him.

For a long time, you will have to love him.

When the love between the two is very much like a father and son, then one should take guru mantra diksha.

If guru gives the knowledge suddenly, you know that is like a shopkeeper giving the goods to someone quickly.

Means, before you receive the knowledge from the guru, there must be love between the two, among the two.

When guru sees the disciple coming from a distance, and when his heart jumps with love, then he is a true disciple.

Same way, thinking of the guru, the picture of a guru appears right in front of him, with love, then he is a true disciple.

One who has truly attained to the true guru, there is a special charm in their speech.

Because he is continuously experiencing the limitless love from him.

If you are a disciple of a specific guru, and if he has not given you the knowledge, then I don’t understand in what form and how you can ever love him.

There was one disciple.

He decided to offer his prayers to his guru.

He thought in his mind, “How, to what can I compare my guru?”

Then he said in his mind that, “Guru is Brahma, the creator of the entire universe.”

Then he thought again, and he said, “No, Guru cannot be just Brahma.”

That he can create the universe but he cannot sustain the universe.

“Then guru is Vishnu, the Sustainer.”

After calling his guru Vishnu, the Sustainer, he again thought, “No, no.

We cannot just call him Vishnu.

Because he sustains the universe but he cannot create.

Then guru is Maheshvara, the Shiva, the Destroyer.”

He felt that we cannot call guru Maheshvara either.

Then who could be the guru?

Then he says that, “Guru is the total sum of Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Sustainer, and Mahesh, the Destroyer.

He is the total sum of all the energies of these, and the most supreme.

The shloka that we speak here regularly, Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnur, Gurur Devo Maheshvarah; Gurur Sakshat Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha, Bapuji says that it is hard to imagine in what age it was written.

This shloka is famous in every home of India.

I think there is no other shloka that can compete with this shloka in the entire of India.

Even the small children, from the very childhood, they receive this knowledge.

Even the small children continuously repeat this mantra of, Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnur, Gurur Devo Maheshvarah; Gurur Sakshat Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha.

This is going on from ages and ages.

This impression, the right knowledge, has been impressed upon the cultures of India from very long time.

If you can’t do everything, don’t worry.

If you just know how to love guru, everything is done.

That love should be true and honest, the guru should be true and the disciple should be true.

I told you very serious knowledge.

Now I should tell you something to laugh about?

Today is the most auspicious day of Guru Purnima.

That day, the miracle can be shown.

Would you like it?

Now Bapujis Dadaji.

That is a real miracle, hah?

But we’ll have to just minus two individuals or so.

Because they’re also able to do the miracle like I do.

Even if I don’t show that miracle right here, you can understand with your own logic.

I don’t see the fans here that you usually see in India.

If we start the fan, the electric fan, then your hair will start flying.

Only mine will not fly.

That is a miracle.

There is someone else there like me, too.

I don’t understand why you love miracles so much, because you see so much.

There is no miracle on this earth that can be compared to the miracle of the name of the Lord.

There is no one who can do such a miraculous work that mantra can accomplish.

There is no tool in this entire world, or technique, that has performed as many miracles as mantra has.

There is such a big miracle hidden in the name of the Lord.

The army of Lord Ramachandra saw a big ocean between Lanka and the southern tip of India.

They could not go to Lanka that is present day Ceylon without crossing the ocean.

Everybody was puzzled.

The great man, and also some of the monkeys, big and small, they all had gathered there.

In other words, Lord Rama had his army of the monkeys.

By the way, it is symbolical.

If you want to go across this big ocean, you’ll have to build the bridge.

Then all the monkeys started saying, that work is very easy.

And yet, they immediately understood that it is very easy.

And from early morning, they started building the bridge.

They picked up the large stones off the mountain, each stone, saying, Ram.

They picked up and said, Ram, with such love, that the tons of weight of big rocks became light, like sand or a feather.

And by picking up these large stones, they simply placed it on the ocean.

As they placed it, they said, Ram.

And miraculously, every stone that was placed with Rams name started floating.

By the name of the Lord Rama, the weight of the largest rocks was reduced, and by the same name, it started floating on the ocean.

And in a short time, the big bridge was built.

Lord Ramachandra saw this scene, and this happening, from a distance.

He questioned that by the name of Rama, these stones started floating.

He could not trust this matter.

Do you remember that he was the leader and they were calling his name?


That was his own name, Rama.

Then he experimented himself.

And he picked up one stone, in a way that nobody will see him.

And then his dropped that stone in the water, saying, Ram.

But he was the devotee of Ram.

He was looking at what Rama was doing.

He had clearly understood that he was trying to do something secretly.

And he was so surprised that it was almost impossible that Rama may hide something from others.

And yet it was definite that Rama was trying to hide something.

And he really (INAUD) himself, that he picked up one stone, and dropped it into the ocean, saying, Rama. And then he looked around, if there was someone watching him, and he found Hanuman, his own devotee and servant.

And Rama was ashamed.

Hanuman, he asked Lord Rama, Why are you shy?

Why are you ashamed?

Rama said, that my entire army, when they placed the stone on the ocean saying ‘Rama’, it was floating.

And when I placed the stone saying, ‘Ram’, it sunk.

He said, Lord Rama, whoever you let go will have to sink.

Means, when you let go, means give him up, he will have to sink.

Do you see what a beautiful answer that was?

Do you understand?

When you don’t care for someone, naturally he will have to sink, that’s the idea.

So whoever you leave or let go will have to sink.

There are many miracles in the name of Ram.

Do not think that these miracles are imaginary.

When there was no television in existence, if somebody talked about it, others will laugh at him.

And before there was television, there was something very special that yogis had.

And it was known as dur darshan, an exact translation of television.

That’s what the yogis had and have.

A yogi can see whatever is happening, in any part of the world, without taking support of any instrument whatsoever.

So this scientist is a real brother of a yogi.

They both belong to the same family.

The scientist is a baby yogi.

And a yogi is an old yogi.

Where the physical sciences end, it is the beginning of the spiritual sciences.

Bapuji says, I have already finished my lunch, so you would be hungry, so I must now finish my lecture.

Now may I have permission to take this vest off?

What a miraculous thing, what a curious thing, that man loves the bondage and he also tries to be free from the bondage.

Then we can say that there are two kinds of bondages: in one, that we accept the bondage intentionally or consciously; in another one, it is forced upon us, or it just comes upon us without our expectations.

It can be compared this way.

That if you enter the room, and you lock it from the inside, then you feel comfortable.

But if somebody locks you in from outside, and that is the bondage from outside.

So the one that you accepted yourself did not bring you unhappiness, but when it was imposed upon you, it brought you unhappiness.

The ties that were put on my hand, hand necklaces and anklets, these were all the ties.

They were all self-accepted ties.

Today, I wish on this most auspicious day, that you attain to the love for guru.