Darshan For Guru Purnima

Bapuji Darshan For Guru Purnima

July 01, 1977 am

Maybe he has been given the black color to cover up his sharpness.

It is said that the crow has only one eye.

He has two holes of two eyes, but only one eye.

He moves his pupil on both the sides.

So it is considered to be best to have one eye.

That doesn’t mean that we should destroy another eye.

We have third eye within our heart.

Means, within our consciousness.

That inner eye is only one.

These physical eyes, they see only the direction in which it is focused.

But this eye of knowledge sees in all directions.

Up, down, sides, everywhere.

That is the specialty of one eye, single eye.

Such one eye is received by or the yogis are having such a single eye.

Now comes why did I give you this basic introduction.

Now there are five, seven who are with one eye only.

People with the film in the camera, they have one eye.

I have to use four of the eyes, two of the glasses, and two mine, and they have only one eye.

Bapuji chants Jaya Ho Brahmeshvara Baba Ki.

My beloved children: in India, the importance of this day is most highly revered.

There are many different such spiritual occasions, but among all of them, the highest one is Guru Purnima.

Because that is the celebration of knowledge itself.

So on this most auspicious day, we first pay our homages and respects to the Lord.

Because he is the guru of all.

After that, I take my Gurudev in my heart.

I have accepted your pranams with great love.

That is not just your pranam, but it is the love of your heart.

By some of the yogic kriyas, prana could be taken wherever you want to guide it.

There is another kriya very similar to that.

It is called love.

Once we have love in our heart, wherever we desire, we can bring love. When the other heart is unable to accept, there are numerous hearts are instantly created to bring the love together.

Then the love could be honored.

If there is any power which could be considered to be the highest, or the greatest, it is called love.

From many, many of our possessions on this earth, if we get rid of most of them, and if we keep just very few, we can still survive.

But from those things, once you take love out, you cannot survive.

It is said that when an individual stops breathing, he is considered dead.

But I don’t believe so.

If the Even if the breath is moving in his body, but if he doesn’t have love in his heart, he is a living dead.

So in order to live a pure life, we must sow the seed of love in our heart.

And we must allow the big tree of love to grow in our heart.

From this tree, the tree will bear the fruits, the fruit will give millions of seeds, and they will again bring millions of trees, and the whole heart will be filled with the love, love, love everywhere.

One who loves the Lord, everything he does, everything he is, his eyes, his movements, is very It goes very deep and touches everyone’s heart.

Because every cell of his body is emanating love.

One to whom we call guru is the most beloved representative of Lord himself.

And his love spreads in the entire world.

Saints are the clouds, showering their love.

And through the worldly people suffering, find peace and joy.

Today’s science also says that, whatever we think, that is the kind of thoughts we attract from all different directions.

In this place, we are thinking of the Lord, and the saints, and this is why all the pure thoughts from the entire universe are pouring into this place.

We are We can also say that we are inviting the great masters of past and present by thinking of the higher thought and living higher life.

Today’s day may be a blessing to everyone and be a very memorable day in transformation of life, and that is my blessing.

Everyone be happy.

May everybody be protected in their health.

May everyone receive the bliss and happiness.

May no one receive unhappiness or pain.

God bless you.

GURUDEV: You follow me.

You follow the mantra, after I finish, in pieces.

Om namah shivaya gurave satchitananda murtaye.

Namastasmai, namastasmai, namastasmai, namo namaha.

Our beloved father, Bapuji, we love you.

Give us the blessing that we may keep coming closer and closer to you.

Beloved Dadaji, bless us this day with the gift that our beloved Bapuji receive the divine body very soon.

Jai Gurudev.