Darshan on Disease

Darshan on Disease

July 09, 1977 am

We are afraid of disease.

But at the time of overeating we forget that if we overeat we will be unhealthy.

That is the invitation to disease.

When we have to run to the bathroom often, then only do we say, “I made a mistake in eating.”

That mistake is the fear.

When we know that our desire will not be fulfilled, that creates a fear.

When we desire something and we have the painful projection that we will not get it, then it creates a fear.

So, our doubt is our fear. Doubt is not a real thing.

Whether this is gold or brass, when we have such a doubt, we are in the middle.

Whenever we doubt something or indecisive about something, we are in the limbo.

We do not know what health is then we are afraid of disease.

Whatever are the reasons that protect your health, they are the reasons that remove your ill health.

So determine first thing that in order to attain to health, “How should I behave?”

One of the reasons of disease is indigestion.

The reason for indigestion is lack of physical exercise.

Without the physical exercise, you cannot digest the food. If you could really have digested the food without exercise, we would have eaten all the food in stock.

There are some who do some form of exercise, then eat twice as much as they work” story about wrestlers.

If he chose to eat less, he would attain a sharp intellect.

It is worth doing physical exercise.

Only is we do physical exercise, we can truly live happily.

Those who exercise properly, they digest the food properly.

They find the food very tasty.

The taste of food is one thing and the taste of real hunger from inside is altogether different.

You get up in the morning and you finish your morning routine and you start eating right from the morning itself.

That is not proper.

Leave that tummy empty for a while and then the joy will come out of it and the alertness of the body will come out of it.

You just got up and you are yawning.

You are eating yawns and then you eat food again.

That increases the dullness.

In such conditions, there won’t be the alertness.

In order to attain to alertness, give up the morning breakfast.

Another thing, when you eat, chew it really well.

We do not chew thoroughly.

So because we do not chew thoroughly, so the saliva does not mix properly.

And that does not help indigestion.

In many joys of this world, to eat the food that you like is one of the important [?] [story of Brahmins]”

By eating moderately, my intellect remains pure and I can engage my attention in the Lord.

I’m not willing to overeat missing the opportunity of having my attention in God.

“Our condition is we eat more even when we’re not getting any gifts and gold coins.

It is necessary for you to know that it is the root cause of all disease.

So in order to prevent disease you must follow moderation in diet.

In order to keep from getting sick one must do posture and pranayama and other forms of exercise.

In order to keep from getting sick one must do postures and pranayama and other forms of exercise.

In order to prevent disease you should not eat when you are not hungry.

You must chew well in order to prevent disease.

So one should always remain consciously aware so that disease do not come to us.

One should not stay up late at night.

One should protect one’s body with proper understanding.

So, keep the doors of the mind closed so that the dirty thoughts can’t enter it and keep the ventilators open so that the good thoughts may come in.

I told you a lot.