Darshan On The Reappearance Of Lord Lakulish

Darshan On The Reappearance Of Lord Lakulish

July 02, 1977 pm

[Bapuji chanting bhajan Shri Lakulish punah prakatya.

English title is to appear or Remanifestation of Shri Lakulish.

First line is Bhalo ke khedut ketar jay]

[Gurudev translating]

The title of this historical bhajan is To Appear.

I have called it historical because one historical fact is expressed or shown in it.

The idol which appeared is in front of you.

The idol is the center, the picture on this side.

Really the truth is covered by the lie, by the untruth.

The idol that you see is the idol of my beloved gurudev.

We can say that historically he appeared on this earth about 2,000 years ago.

According to Puranas, his appearance may be said to be 5,000 years ago.

In the woods in the natural beauty places of Ancient India, the study and the practice of yoga is done so much in such depth and detail that has not been done in any other part of the world.

This great master was a great maharshi, means a great yogi, and later on he was recognized as an incarnation of Shiva himself.

The last incarnation of Lord Shiva, the 18th incarnation was Dadaji, Bapuji’s guru.

You may question, then, if he was born about 2,000 years ago or 5,000 years ago, how could he be my guru.

There have been such yogis in India, those who have been able to keep their bodies in its original condition and that body is called the divine body.

That body is undestroyable, unchangeable, immortal.

The great master, having such a body, can leave that body whenever he desires to do so.

The scriptures of India tell us to how to recognize the liberated masters.

They say that one who goes beyond birth and death is complete yogi.

Everybody is born and it is out of control.

Nobody can stop that.

But death could be stopped.

If birth is one end of the life; then death is another end of life.

And if death is one end, then immortality has to be another end.

This scientific law.

If the condition between birth and death could be sustained and could be maintained, then it could be maintained for a long time.

Why do such yogis have so much attraction for a body?

They’re not really that much attracted by the body.

They have no attraction or attachment to the body whatsoever.

They try to know the most secret atmatattva, means the essence of the soul, to its highest possible extent.

Death and disease comes in the way of the fulfillment of that desire.

That is why this search remains incomplete.

There has been another practice in India also.

The ayurvedic doctors, the ancient medical men, they have created such a medicine from sulphur and mercury by taking which one becomes immortal.

So finally, if the body can stay long enough, it gives them the facility to know the secrets of the final and the highest truth.

One who has attained to the divine body is a complete yogi, or a perfect yogi.

One becomes established in samadhi only when the life energy, which is within us, becomes steady and remains within.

When this energy reaches into the top chakra, thousand petal chakra, if you want to call, at such time yogi enters into samadhi and he is very much like a child in the mother’s womb, means there is no breathing at all at that time.

If all the doctors of the world were called to examine such a yogi, they would check and they would say this is a dead body, he’s not alive.

But such a yogi is not dead, he has reached immortality.

So after he finishes, whenever he decides, he can come down again.

The end of samadhi is that he enters into the samadhi state in a natural way at all times which is known as sahaj samadhi.

He may be eating, he may be walking, he may be performing any actions but he is constantly in samadhi.

This is the supreme most science of the world.

Such a saint does not come into society to serve society.

Do you think that when day comes that the sun comes down from the sky and enters everybody’s home?


He doesn’t have that necessity to do so.

By being thousands of miles away, he gives the light to everyone.

Such a yogi who may be staying far away but, sitting far away, he can give to the entire world whatever is necessary or he wishes to give.

There are many who ask the question that in India there are so many yogis and why India is so poor?

But you should not forget that at one time India was one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

The rise and fall is equal for everyone.

And for that reason, India is going through one stage.

The condition, the prosperity that India had at one time experienced, it is possible that the same condition may prevail in America.

Because the spiritual science can properly be spread in the prosperous country, when India was prosperous, the spiritual science had bloomed in that country.

Now America may get that turn.

What is America?

India is one room of the house, America is another room of the same house.

The whole world is one big building, one big residence.

We are all one family.

I may point here, here, here, wherever I may point, but it is one body.

Such a body has been attained by beloved Gurudev.

I am so fortunate that I have seen that divine body.

And that is why I have been able to be on this path.

In this idol, there are many different secrets.

It is not just a statue of stone.

It is the secret book of yoga.

In order to understand it you have to do the yoga sadhana.

I have one American disciple, Yogeshvar Muni.

He is is going to build a large temple of Bhagwan Brahmeshvar.

He’s going to establish this idol in that temple.

In the scientific country, it is invariably necessary.

And when there will be a complete yogi in this country, he will explain the true meaning of that temple.

Now this statue was in the ground.

It was found after 110 years.

It was found 110 years ago, in the earth.

That idol, how it was found, this is what this bhajan describes.

That tirtha, name of it is Kayavarohan, tirtha means the sacred place of pilgrimage.

There are many sacred pilgrimage places in India, but this is of the supreme most importance.

Such high sacred places in India are about 8 to 10.

In such supreme tirthas, tirtha means sacred places, usually the great master has been born and he has done his lila, means lived his divine life in that part of the country.

That location is famous from many, many years, from innumerable years rather because it is not even known for many thousands of years.

In India there are four yugas that are described in Indian scriptures.

First yuga, means age, is known as age of truth and the last age is called Kali yuga, age of darkness.

This place has been famous in all those four ages.

That tirtha is very powerful spiritually.

Lord Lakulish was born in that spot.

Its name was given Kayavarohan for a very specific reason.

The meaning of it is, to descend into the body.

One who descends into the body, or can descend into the body, is called a yogi.

One who can descend into the body and can attain new divine body is a true yogi.

So Bhagwan Lakulish, means Lord Lakulish, after attaining such divine body, had spread the message all across India.

After that, his very bright disciples had maintained that for at least 1500 years.

In India everywhere, yog was spread from that center.

That was the main center of yog.

So we can easily imagine that this particular idol must have entered under the ground for that specific purpose, to maintain or protect the secrets of yoga, preserve the secrets of yoga.

In this idol the most secrets of yoga, the most powerful secrets of yoga, are hidden.

In India there is idol worship, but India is not an idol worshipper.

India is the worshipper of truth.

So they are not worshipping the stone, they are worshipping the truth.

In this scientific country that idol is placed.

It is necessary to find the secrets of it.

When someone from here becomes a true yogi and he looks at this statue, the tears will roll from his eyes and he will say that this is the truth.

This is the country of science, so I have complete faith that it will definitely happen here.

So now I will tell you the story as to how this idol was found.

One day a very innocent farmer was going to his farm.

He was the devotee of Lord Shiva so he was uttering the words of ‘Lord Shiva, Shiva, Shiva’, and was moving with his bullock plow.

As if that day Lord Shiva wanted to come out from the earth.

This farmer went to his field.

He wanted to plow the field so he placed his plow in a specific place and he started plowing the field.

As he was moving forward, the plow stopped in one spot.

This farmer was questioning, why did it stop?

Then he looked down towards the earth.

He felt that there is something.

So he removed the plow, placed it on the side.

And he felt that it was something like an idol.

So, soon, he brought an instrument to dig the earth.

And he started digging from all sides.

The statue is very big, it is almost that high.

There is statue of the Lord in the front and lingam is right behind him.

As he started digging the land, he was filled with great joy in his heart.

He was greatly pleased.

He completely took out the idol.

That idol is so heavy and so big that no one individual can move it even.

That statue is not made from an ordinary stone.

It is made from meteorite, so it is made from the stone coming from the sky, from the star, celestial.

He was extremely happy and he started thinking, what should he do next.

He felt that it was a very beautiful idol and he felt great faith in it.

He looked all around.

He saw flowers, a flower vine.

He went there and brought some flowers and then he placed those flowers at the feet of the idol.

In America, it is not possible that such thing happen.

It is not possible that somebody will place his faith in God in a statue.

But in India everyone has that kind of samskara, means traditionally received impressions.

It is considered to be the feelings or devotion towards God through the statue.

What is that devotion?

That devotion is a very special attitude.

It can be explained in a simple way.

Suppose there is a $100 bill and there are other blank papers on which they are going to print that bill.

One paper on which the stamp of $100 is placed is worth $100, another paper of the same kind, same size, is almost worthless.

Is there gold in this note?


There is a trust or faith that there is $100 in it.

Same kind of trust is placed in this.

The stamp that has been placed on the $100 bill is accepted by all.

In the same way, the stamp that has embedded in this has been accepted by all the enlightened masters.

This devotee, the farmer, placed the flower at the feet of the Lord.

Then in order to express his joy, he quickly walked towards his town.

The place where this Kayavarohan tirtha is located is a very small town.

But at one time it was a very large city, where thousands of pilgrims used to come every day.

There used to be the pilgrims, businessmen, and travelers from many different countries.

That was the city of great prosperity.

When Lord Lakulish himself was present, at that time great kings from all parts of India used to come to bow down at his feet.

Everywhere he was revered.

There are innumerable branches of yog.

He was the one who was the knower of a perfect yoga.

Such a big city, due to the effect of time, has become very small.

Today, there are archaeologists conducting research work, yes, through the government of India.

They are digging and finding out many different layers and layers of cities being buried over many, many hundreds and thousands of years.

This farmer ran into the town and told everybody that there is a great big idol I have found in my field.

This message spread all over the town.

Everybody went in a large crowd and singing with the drums and cymbals.

The towns all around get this message, and in a short time thousands of people collected.

Everybody saw this idol and they were all surprised.

Only when you see that original statue you will understand.

It is very beautiful.

The people established the lingam in a chariot and brought it into the town.

That town has one specialty, that wherever you dig, you find lingam or little statue and other things which are very important to archaeologists.

Then they established this idol in a very small temple.

People came from all around for darshan.

But again as an effect of time, after two or three years it all again became quiet.

People did feel that this was most unusual idol and yet nobody was able to do anything about it.

Because that was the most known place, it was the place that was most revered in India.

In last 500 years or so, that tirtha, that sacred place, was forgotten, then no pilgrims were coming there.

Even though its past history was very bright, the place wasn’t that bright anymore, as if the tirtha had lost its power.

So the lamps of fame had become faint.

And there were not those who could understand its value.

Where there was such a divine idol there was complete darkness, as if God himself was waiting for somebody.

And there was one accident.

I was called in that town one day for giving a spiritual discourse.

I never used to go anywhere for one day lecture.

I don’t know why, but I said yes for that one lecture.

I arrived there.

I gave a talk.

And they told me that this is another Kashi.

Kashi is the present day very high pilgrimage place in India.

The highest educational, spiritual educational center is Kashi in India.

The flow of sanatan dharma of the Aryan civilization was flowing from there.

This was another tirtha that could compete with that one.

They said this was another Kashi, so I was surprised.

The most surprising thing was that my birthplace was only 10 miles from it.

I was surprised that this tirtha is so close to my birthplace and I don’t know anything about it.

So I said, come on, I will come with you for darshan everywhere in this tirtha.

With me were some of the leaders, four or five leaders of the town.

They were telling me the history of this place and they were pointing the historical places.

And I was greatly surprised listening to the history.

The leaders and the guides were really very intelligent.

What was worth showing me, they showed me last.

After taking me everywhere, there were hundreds of temples that came from excavations.

After showing all those things, they brought Bapuji to the temple where this idol of Dada Gurudev was established.

I entered the temple and looked at this idol of Bhagwan.

I could not believe, or I was so surprised that there was no end to my surprise.

I was so surprised that in front of that ling was the statue of my own guru.

Of whose every part of the body I was familiar with, because when I had been at his feet I was only 19 years old and he had lots of love for me, and I loved him very much.

Whenever I was disappointed in some way, he used to just take me to his chest and hug me.

But at that time his body was different.

At that time, he was old, rather he had entered the body of an old swami.

At that time, I could not imagine that there could be somebody else’s body and somebody else’s soul had entered into it.

After some time, I became swami and then I was in Himalayan Mountain area.

There is one very pious tirtha called Rishikesh.

There are many yogis who live there.

I was a new swami dressed in a swami’s dress.

One day I went far way to a place on top of a small hill to cut the branch of a tree, which is customary brush in India.

As I started cutting the branch for the brush, I saw an individual walking down from the hill.

He had simply a little cloth wrapped around his waist.

Then I did not pay any attention to it because there were many sadhus who move in that land.

As I was cutting that branch, I heard the sound from the back, ‘Swami’.

I looked back.

That voice was of my Gurudev whom I had met when I was 19 years old.

And the body was different than when I had seen.

And this body that I saw second time, was just like this.

That is the divine body.

There is such a power in that body that it can take any form or even can enter into a dead body also.

He was only 18 years old.

I could not understand because only my Gurudev used to address me by the name Swami.

When I looked at him he smiled, his eyes were twinkling, I felt that this is Gurudev.

I forgot to bow down to him.

I hugged him.

I hugged him all.

He stroked his hand over my head and on my body and I just kept on weeping.

Then I remembered that I had not bowed down at his feet.

Gurudev, please excuse me.

Then I bowed down at his feet.

Gurudev was wearing only on the waist and the rest of the body was open, bare.

It was winter time and my body was covered with lots of woolen clothes.

How could I even give him my clothes for him to sit even, so he sat on the stone.

Once I had asked him, “Gurudev, how does the divine body look?”

Then he had told me, that sometime you would be able to see it.’ Then I asked, Gurudev, is this the divine body?

He said yes, this is the divine body.

I asked Gurudev how many years old is it?

My son, you will have to find it out.

Then I asked Gurudev, how would I be able to find.

I did not imagine that I would have the opportunity to see such a divine body.

When I first saw this idol in Kayavarohan, I felt like I would faint.

It really impressed deeply on my mind.

The tears started rolling from my eyes.

I felt like I would collapse, so I started taking support of the wall.

Then gradually by the support of the wall I prayed and then did sastanga dhanavant (?) pranam , means lying down flat on the tummy, straight.

The leaders of town who were accompanying me were greatly surprised.

They say ‘what happened to this swami’.

After a few moments, I stood up.

Then my residence was only about 500 feet away from the temple.

It had taken me about four hours going around and having darshan of different temples.

I was very tired also.

It was also the time for my meditation, sadhana.

I arrived at my residence, took a bath and I entered my meditation room.

I sat on my meditation seat and as usual I prayed to the Lord.

At that very moment a great spark of meditation took place.

And suddenly I attained to that stage where I was striving to reach at that time.

The history that the leaders of the town had told me, appeared in front of my eyes in meditation.

I felt as if I were seeing a true happening.

Such an experience is not very difficult.

If the true meditation experience was given to this group, many of you would have this kind of experience.

Then only you would feel what Bapuji has said is true.

Then my mind went into such a state of consciousness, it almost painted the entire history in front of me.

In that land, there hasn’t been just one yogi, but many, many great yogis.

And Vishvamitra, Atri and Brighu are some of the most famous yogis.

I saw, there was a magnificent city of Kayavarohan and Lord Lakulish is in that city.

[He saw this in meditation actually.]

When in the end, this scene was about to finish, I received the inspiration saying “my son, you have to reestablish the glory of this tirtha”.

I said ‘Gurudev, this tirtha has been forgotten from 500 to 700 years now, how would I be able to do this great work?

Also, I’m a sanyasi of non-possession.

I’ve been just moving from one town to the other.

I haven’t established an ashram in any place.

I’m not in contact with any rich men.

And in order to reestablish the glory of this tirtha, it will take hundreds of thousands or millions of rupees.

So, I myself, can not do this work.

If you are giving me the blessings, then I’m willing to start this work.’ At that time I received the blessings.

My mind was filled with joy.

My mind could not come out of meditation.

There is a law or there is a discipline in yog that after the fixed time of meditation, you must stop the meditation.

Because in meditation all the work is happening on the nerves.

If you tire them too much, you will go crazy, so rest is necessary.

With great difficulty, I got up from it.

I laid down in the bed.

There the meditation started, right there also.

Then I felt that now I have to meditate all night.

But after a short time I really fell asleep.

There was only one disciple lady in that whole town.

I was only called there as a well-known speaker.

I had no other relation with the town.

In the morning, there was four or five leaders of the town came to see me.

Those who had guided me through the town.

I told them this call other most well-known gentleman of this town.

In few minutes, other leaders of the town also arrived.

Among them was one who was main.

I told him that I am thinking of building a large, magnificent temple.

But I’m not going to build that temple in the middle of the town.

I am going to build it outside of the town.

Because there I will find the proper surrounding.

He was greatly pleased.

There was another special feature of this idol.

There is one very famous Tirtha named Prabhaspatan.

The idol which was established there is known as Somanath temple, Somanath Mahadev.

The whole India had so much trust and faith in that temple that all over India they were saying Jai Somanath, Jai Somanath! That was the place established by Gurudev.

Such twelve places of high pilgrimage places were established by Dadaji.

Today also, all those twelve places are considered to be great tirthas, pilgrimage places.

The Somanath temple was so prosperous that it has been described in history.

Yes, there was such a big bell, it was of gold and the chains were also of the gold and they were so heavy, it took four people to ring the bell.

It was all gold, the chains and the bell.

It was very prosperous.

So, this was known by a king from the other country, he came and he broke the idol and took a tremendous amount of wealth and property from there.

There are many such paths that do not believe in idol worship.

That is why they go on breaking the idols.

This is why India has suffered a great loss and yet idol worship is equally alive even today, because it is a scientific path.

In that place about 20 years ago, a big temple was built, known as Somanath Temple.

In that magnificent temple, they were trying to take this particular statue, because it was so magnificent, they couldn’t find all over India.

But the villagers did not allow that to happen.

When they heard from me that I was thinking of building a magnificent temple here, they were all very happy.

I did not have a single penny, or single pasa, which is hundredth part of a rupee.

Yet I was saying that I was going to give the original glory to this place.

At that time my name as a yogi was also not much known So they were thinking that it’s alright he will bring some money from out of town and we’ll collect some and it will be nice if he would build one big temple here.

After that almost nine years passed.

I did not take that work actively in my hands.

I firmly decided that I would start that work only after completing my samadhi.

But those leaders suggested that it would be good if we got some work started.

Then I felt that there is nothing wrong in starting one committee.

Then I started one committee.

After few years the foundation stone for the temple was laid.

Slowly the construction of the temple started.

I was feeling bad in my own mind that how would this work be completed?

Because I was a swami and had no money and was not in touch with rich people.

Somehow the whole temple was erected.

Then came the time of Pranpatishta, means putting the life into the statue.

There is a special ceremony for that which is true.

It continuously goes on for four days.

In that celebration about 25,000 people have participated.

At the end of Pranpatishta, means, bringing the life into the statue, one most unusual incident happened.

By that time, I was known everywhere.

In India, they do not call someone yogi that easily.

Here if somebody is a disciple of this yogi and his disciple and his disciple is also called yogi here.

That is the reason that there has been a hunger for it here.

I have trust that people are not foolish here.

I know you know how to fulfill your desires.

The start is always like this.

Then eventually whatever is false will fall away.

The accident was that there was another tirtha.

That tirtha is very close to Kayavarohan, you see.

And there, in that tirtha there was one large festival that was being celebrated every 18 years.

But also, means 100,000 people would go there a day, approximately.

Those people who are going there, they found out about this new tirtha through one pamphlet.

The entire flow from there started coming to Kayavarohan.

In a few days, it became most famous.

Dadaji must have planned it.

Then I really felt that the blessing of the Lord has descended.

Today there are many, many people, pilgrims who are coming there for darshan.

Every Sunday there are 1,000, 2,000 people come from outside for darshan.

Thus, the number of people is increasing.

And its fame is also spreading everywhere.

And my fame is also spreading everywhere.

That is why I had to run away from there to come here.

This sadhana is not such that you can do it even when you are surrounded by lots of people, you can’t do it in other words.

This program is only limited to Amrit’s ashram.

There is another one of my daughters.

She lives in Canada.

She has also taken initiation from me six years ago.

She is also a good sadhika.

She also has her ashram there.

I have another disciple named Yogeshvar Muni, he also has an ashram in California.

So, I have come here for this, I am going to only these three, four ashrams only.

The money, the fame, or any kind of propagation is not the purpose of my travelling to this country.

I have come here to see these grandchildren who have been saying Bapuji, Bapuji, Bapuji.

I have been attracted by that.

It is your miracle that has attracted me.

In India, it is believed that when the disciple bypasses the guru, then only is the guru a real guru.

The disciple bypasses the guru stature and becomes even better than him, then only is guru considered to be a good guru.

So you have been able to do such a big miracle.

From many years, my travel is go from one room of the house to another room, another room to this room.

Such travel has been going on in my life for many, many years.

This is great big, big miracle.

Bapuji, Bapuji, Bapuji.

You have made me get up from my sadhana and attracted me here.

In this tirtha came the Kripalu, means Bapuji, and he as soon as and the disciple and as soon as he came there, Dadaji started spreading his glory again.

In those days, the means of communication, of spreading the message, were not as fast as they are today.

Today the whole world has become like one home.

Means of propagation are many.

I feel that the glory of Guruji will again spread throughout the world, because there is the hunger for truth here.

This country will definitely receive it.

I thank you all because in your name I was able to continuously remember the name of my Guru today.

Now I am completing the discourse.

[Bapuji chants Shankara Bola]

[Bapuji is asking what time is it. I said it is 5:30. He says oh, ha, ha. I said you are in meditation.]