Darshan with Bapuji: Search for Something

Darshan with Bapuji: Search for Something

July 28, 1977 am

[Bapuji chants, “Hari Rama Rama.”]


If he was the only one person on this earth, then we would not know the joy of living. We cannot live without the other.

In life, there is always a need of the other person.

This is why we continue to increase our circle of friends.

And continue on increasing our social contacts, also.

We can say that we are acting as if we are searching for something.

We constantly feel that we may feel such an individual with whom we may put our heart totally in touch, or with whom we open our heart.

In words, we express that there are two bodies, but there is only one heart.

But such experience is only very short lived, and then such an experience disappears.

And we desire that such a contact of heart may live for the rest of our life, and we live with heart together.

In our hands, there is a flower of love.

We love that flower very much.

We intend to offer that flower, but we don’t find some deva to whom we can offer the flower of love.

Because we are trying to get something, by offering that flower of love.

What are we expecting?

We are perhaps expecting that he may offer his flower of love to us, when we offer ours to them.

To that flower of love, we can call it a flower, or we can also call it our heart.

We are expecting to receive heart, in exchange with offering of the heart.

Almost every individual in this world is playing this game, or this is lila.

Young people, young girlfriends: “That if I find that beautiful husband, or a beautiful man,” and beautiful man desires that, “If I find a beautiful girl, then we’ll sit under the tree, and live a simple life, and pass the rest of our life under it.”

Because in order to bring any dream true, you have to place an effort into it.

We always expect that we receive love from the other, and then when the time comes to offer it, we are hesitant to give it.

We give it hesitantly.

This hesitation in offering our love is the failure in the test, to some degree.

We do not know the law, or the principle, behind the love.

And that is, love can only be offered.

Nothing could be expected in exchange for it.

So [inaudible] is offering of ourselves completely.

There is no begging, or expecting, or exchange.

To enter into the heart of the other, and forget one’s ego, or I, is offering, or surrender.

In this experiment, we are not successful, even in our family.

In the family, there is father, there is mother, there is brother, there is sister, and there, we cannot offer our hearts to them.

It is true that those with whom we live our life, there is always some love, to some degree.

If we find complete love there, then we would have no necessity to run anywhere to find it.

In family, there is mother, there is sister.

But we are not satisfied with that much love.

So in the external field, one looks for the wife.

Similarly, there is father, there is brother in the family, and yet, dissatisfaction is experienced.

For that reason, one searches for husband, outside of that.

One may have lots of material possessions, and may also have the name and fame, and yet there is no satisfaction in heart.

This dissatisfaction goes on and on, for many incarnations.

It is said that this flower of heart can only be truly offered to God, or to Guru.

‘Cause they are such an ocean of love that they do not expect or ask anything from anyone.

Within the Guru, Guru is the source of many different kinds of love.

There is brotherly love, and fatherly care.

Sometimes Guru becomes like a little child, also.

Sometimes he takes the form of a protective mother.

Guru sometimes takes the form of a friend.

I have experienced such Guru.

I was in search of such an individual, whom I may find, to whom I could give my entire life.

And by the grace of God, I have found such a Guru.

And after that, my dissatisfaction was converted into satisfaction.

He had given me the ideal of life, and had also given me the strength to get it.

To materialize it.

And on the basis of that, I have been living my life.

It is not that the higher aspirations do not spring from our heart.

Such aspirations, they do take place in our heart.

But they are very short lived.

They do not live long.

Because the society in which we live has strong impressions on us.

And as a result of that, the lower desires are being born.

And this is why these higher aspirations die.

It is a great fortune and a blessing, to find the highest Guru.

But the true fortune is when you have an opportunity to live in the lotus feet of such a Guru.

Some love we do only receive, only after we offer something.

But the Guru’s love we offer without anything, except just one heart you have to give to him to receive his love.

Why that Guru does not love others?

Can someone get love from a Guru only after becoming a disciple?

Some of the ideas we do not think properly, in the manner in which it should be thought out.

This is why they appear to be improper.

The great pure man is suitable to become a Guru.

He loves everyone.

Then how is it possible that he gives more love to a disciple?

Suppose it is raining.

And the water is flowing.

There is one place where there is a high pile, and there is one place where it is hollow.

The water cannot stay on the top of a pile, or a heap.

It always goes into the low area.

Just as the water goes into the lower grounds, so also there should be some areas where disciple has such humbleness, so that he can accept his lowness.

Then the water begins to flow towards him.

Then there is some necessity of some deserving qualities in us.

When we give love, we receive love.

That is true.

But it is not because of the exchange.

It is because of the love.

It is the nature of the love, that it doesn’t look at its own self.

It always looks at the other.

As long as we do not feel in harmony with the others, or become one with the others, we cannot experience the true happiness, true joy and true peace.

In India, there has been one of the highest munis, means, yogis, whose name is Bharat Muni.

That Bharat Muni was a muni of a very high nature.

He was living in a small hut, in the secluded woods.

He used to pass his days on the fruits and vegetables of the woods.

One day he came to the bank of the river.

At that time, a special incident happened.

At a distance, he saw that a lion was running after a deer.

That deer was pregnant.

She did jump from one bank of the river to the other, but as soon as she jumped, she lost the baby, and the baby was lost on the shore.

From a distance, this Bharat Muni saw this.

The deer ran away, and the baby was lying on the shore.

This rishi’s heart melted away.

He forgot his morning prayers.

His feet just started walking toward the baby of the deer.

He arrived there, and he tapped the baby.

The eyes of a deer are very famous.

And such a little baby’s eyes were very beautiful eyes.

This yogi, or rishi, was greatly enchanted by the eyes of this baby.

Then he lifted up this baby, and took it towards his little hut.

There is one thing that is very unusual and surprising, but you may not find it so.

I feel that it is very true.

After that, this Bharat Muni was so totally enchanted by this baby deer, that he forgot his meditation, even.

He spent his whole day in playing with the baby, and looking at it, and doing everything that will please the deer.

He didn’t like it when the deer went away, and he liked it when it came back.

When the deer will go further away, he’ll say, “Oh, oh, come on, don’t go further away.”

The deer was also becoming so pet, that as soon as he would call, he’ll come and sit in his lap.

This Bharat Muni is such a great yogi.

How did he forget his meditation, and how did it all go into this deer baby?

Now I will explain it to you, psychologically.

Yogi continuously practices.

So he is very much used to practice meditation.

He is almost in the habit of meditating.

Whatever work he does, he does it in the form of meditation.

His everyday practice is such, that only when he puts his whole heart in it, he can accomplish that work properly.

So in his mind, this deer had entered.

So he was completely after this deer.

Means, that became the object of meditation now.

When we are angry, even at that time, we are meditating.

We just hold onto any one thought line, and we become absorbed and engrossed in it.

All other thoughts are forgotten.

This way, anger is one form of meditation.

Similarly, in the sensual pleasures, or sexual pleasures also, there is one form of meditation.

There is a meditation on other.

This way we know many different forms of meditation.

Or, we do them.

But that meditation is more of an emotion.

Because at that time, our feelings become very intense.

But the meditation that yogi is practicing, there is continuous attunement with the desired object or subject.

All the energy functioning through his mind is thrown into one specific direction.

In the scriptures of yoga, it is said that you can perform meditation of any one kind.

But the best meditation must be sattvic; means, pure, in its nature.

Through such meditation, there should be no excitement in the mind, and there should be no disturbance in any of the internal functions of the body.

The meditation that naturally happens, through the lust, or through the anger, it creates disturbance in the mind, and imbalance in the body.

That is why that meditation is not called a true meditation.

Even though it is a meditation, it is not called meditation, because whatever you are supposed to attain through the real meditation, you cannot attain through the rajasic meditations, means disturbed meditations.

Through meditation, we attain to peace and bliss and happiness.

Through meditation, the self-control must increase, and the right practices must increase.

So that this yogi, this rishi, he was very much in love, absorbed, with this deer.

He was such a yogi of such a high nature, he was almost very close to the liberation, mukti.

And yet, he did not attain to the liberation.

Because after a short time, it was time for him to leave his body.

Even at that time, he was playing with this deer, and always thinking of the deer.

“Come on, play, and sit with me.”

In his imagination, there was simply the deer.

And he left his body saying, “Deer, deer, come to me.”

In the next incarnation, this Bharat Muni was born as a deer.

He did such a powerful meditation on deer, that he became a deer, from a yogi.

So meditation should be on the higher things.

So the scriptures say that one who does not have love for Guru, it is not possible for him to truly have love for God.

The love of God is only experienced, when first one experiences the love of Guru.

So in order to elevate our life, the surrender, or self-sacrifice, is very necessary.