Darshan: Yogic Kriyas

Yogic Kriyas

July 26, 1977 am: Darshan with Bapuji: Yogic Kriyas


Bapuji says that this morning’s meditation experience of some different kriyas, yogic kriyas, and in these particular yogic kriyas, Bapuji feels the nadis of the legs and feet are so tight, so that when he, coming over here, he finds that, “It is very difficult for me to walk a small distance.”

[Bapuji chants, “Tari Ichathi Badhu Thay.” “Ratore Mano Rama Ramare Hari Ram” is chanted.]

[Bapuji chants, “Prabhu Prasanna Rahe…” “Jai Shiva Shankara.”]