Father’s Day

Father’s Day

June 15, 1980

(Anil reading slate message)

Today is the very sacred day of Father’s festival. Wherever there is love, God resides there. Happiness, peace and bliss also live there. This in itself is the abode of the Lord. Today, you have converted and transformed this meditation room into a temple of love. The love that you have offered to me, considering me as your spiritual father, grandfather, has filled my heart and the corners of my memory which I will go on demonstrating later on. The love which you have offered to me has become an endless treasure of my life.

Amongst all the relationships in the world, the relationship of father, mother and Sadguru is considered to be the best and the most sacred. The ancient Aryan scriptures have proclaimed…”know thy mother as goddess, thy father as God and know thy spiritual Guru, or acharya as God. Mother is actually goddess and father and Guru are actually God.

Yet, since we do not recognize the true image, the scriptures have given us this order. Mother, Father and Guru are the very personification of love, dedication and service and this, it’s very self, is their divinity. To serve them is a divine pleasure. It is always a divine pleasure. No sooner that they achieve the role of mother or father or the role of Guru, automatically, according to the divine plan he inculcates the qualities of divinity.

On some of these auspicious occasions we do light the sacred lamp of good and pure feelings but in some of the inauspicious and unsacred moments we are unable to prevent them going off. This is the main reason for all of our pains. Benign, sacred, pure feelings arise from love. No sooner arrives, but disappears. For this reason, a person is required to water, nourish the water to the plant of love that he has planted in the garden of heart.

The half hour that just passed was extremely blissful. A small stream of love was forcing a great momentum from each one of your hearts and was accelerating fast towards me. It was merging into my heart. An ocean means countless additions of rivers and streams. If you are to make a methodical calculation of subtracting rivers and streams out of the ocean there would not remain an ocean at all. Nothing would remain such as an ocean.

You all have to become oceans from your tiny little streams. I have just drowned in it . I was not there at all. The great momentum and force of love can only be tolerated by getting drowned in it, not by swimming across it. Whatever festivals that exist in society that exist around us are either prescribed by some great people or by the society and its purposes are very different.

The main purpose whether to prescribe sacred character traits, to nourish the old pure and sacred character traits, or to remove and eradicate either new or old bad character traits that have infiltrated into society. But if these festivals are celebrated mechanically they just become a The festival you were just celebrating today, you were all aware and vigilant of what you were doing, and I was also aware of what or how I was responding. For this simple reason the mission is accomplished. The purpose is accomplished. In doing this thing, in accomplishing the purpose, your love has penetrated me. I have received your love and you have also received my affection very easily . . . Jai Bhagwan…