January 12, 1971

Letter to Yogi Desai

January 12, 1971
Malav Ashram

My son Amrit,

Now, after you return from India, having received shaktipatdiksha from me on January 7, 1971, you will be able to bring many great changes in the atmosphere of America. Whatever progress you have made in bringing the message of yoga so far was only ordinary. Now you will be able to give these higher teachings as a true representative of God. Your message will become more powerful, popular and will be of great service to humankind.

(The following part was read aloud to the entire assemblage at Malav Ashram just before Amritji returned to America)

You have started your real yoga sadhana abroad in America so that laden has become your land of Tapascharya. Now I pray to God that one day you will return to Bharat (India), after become in a yogi of the highest order so that I may be proud of you.

My God is not imaginary. He appears to me like you all appear to me. Then it matters little if I call that God the truth, Brahman, Shiva, Guru or RadhaPurushottama. He is everything to me. I feel that He is more real to me than this whole world. May His Grace descend upon you all, every protect you and attract you toward Him.

With blessings,
Your beloved Father,