October 13, 1967

Letter to Yogi Desai

October 13, 1967

My Son Amrit and Urmila,

I have received your letters which are read by many. They are so happy to hear from you. One of them even made a copy of your long letter. Once, your mother also visited here.

You have given me the suggestion to write my biography; you also have given ideas about some chapters. I’ll keep that letter and your suggestions in mind and I will start at an appropriate time. I will think about those chapters when the time is right. It is appropriate for me to write about my life only after I complete my samadhi. After I attain samadhi, then only will I write something of my experiences. At this time, my experience should be considered incomplete. In such work, the more patient you are, the better it is.

My son, keep one thing deep in your heart: One who does sadhana while keeping his eyes on the world can never become a siddha yogi (reach perfection in the practice of yoga.) You can reach yog siddhi only when you become completely detached from the world.

To me, there is nothing more important than my sadhana. The path of worldly attachment is the wrong path. Our path is the only one and that is the direct path of freedom to attachment to the worldly life. Our path is to love every human being and we do not have to be superior over anybody. We have to remain humble to everyone and I consider that siddhi to be the most important siddhi of all – to be humble.

My sadhana of nirbij samadi is going well but has not yet reached its mature stage. The first part of my book, “Asana and Mudra,” is complete; it will be soon be published.

I think of you all and send you my Jai Bhagwan.

Your beloved Bapuji, Kripalu