Bapuji Quotes

Bapuji Quotes

Talking about war.
In order to bring peace and truth, revolution is not necessary. Inner revolution is necessary, not external. True revolution is peace, not peaceful revolution.

Only there can be an art when it is approached with dharma. Not when it is approached without the ethics.

The true connection, union between India and U.S. is religious spiritual.


The sadhak who has been on the right path of complete yoga is the only one who can truly know the meaning of kundalini Shakti and none other.

The person who is full of non-attachment and devotion and who is very desirous of moksha can only awaken the kundalini Shakti. It is very rare even for them.

The grace of the Guru comes only upon the most faithful disciple.

The fort of sadhana is very tall and there is only one small entrance to it. Intelligence cannot even enter there. Only one with faith can enter it. Even after entering it is not possible to go very far.

Only the one who can sacrifice (his life), play like D I V I N E can only become the Maharaj.

What is there to sacrifice? Nothing! Only body, mind, senses and prana.

Those who can give up the path of material well-being only can travel on the path of yoga.

One who selects the path of religion spirituality can be a traveler of liberation or salvation.

Guruji’s (Bapuji’s) very important suggestion is: do not just read what is being written down; dwell on it-digest it. Take just one sentence but dwell on it all the time.

The impurity of the mind and the purity of the mind is determined by the stillness of the mind.

The impure mind is always attached to desires so it is the cause for all bondage. The pure mind is without desire so it is the cause for liberation.

It is one thing to listen. It is another to understand. And the 3rd thing is practice.

In Guruparan, one of the ancient scriptures of India, it is said that those who are tired of the wordly life, who have found themselves to be miserable in the worldly life-only for them, yoga is the greatest and best remedy.

Please write down one principle on your heart. Bhakti is to be practiced only to please god, not to throw it to the people. So whatever you do, please do it for the sake of god only. Otherwise God will not accept the bhakti you have done to show the people.