Mataji’s Notebook

Mataji’s Notebook

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The Pen
Bapuji couldn’t get his pen to write so he told us about the following about his conversation with his pen:
Bapuji looks at the face on the pen and asks: “Why are you not writing?”
The pen replies, “If you won’t feel bad, I will tell you.”
Bapuji: “Okay, I won’t feel bad.”

The pen: “Because you are stupid. You don’t know how to hold a pen right.”
Bapuji: “Shall I try again?”
Bapuji discovers that when he holds the pen straight up, it writes, but when he slants it, it won’t write.
Bapuji says: “Your sister pen works the other way! You are the only one that works this way. You are the stupid one – not me!”

Weather in America
When I got to Bharat I can tell everyone what I have seen in America. In America, Monday is winter, Tuesday is monsoon and Wednesday is summer. Sometimes morning is winter, afternoon is monsoon and the evening is like summer. We can’t tell what will happen on Thursday. Will it be winter, monsoon or summer?
In this way, America, the year, month and day are not in control, but the hour, minute and second are in control of the weather.

The Bee
I saw a bee stuck in the bathroom window this morning. The bee was trying hard to get out, so I inquired, “How did you get in?”
Then I saw a little hole at the bottom of the window. She got in by herself. When she again gets close to the hole, only then can she be liberated. But when she does come close, she impatiently flies and misses the chance to free herself.
We human beings are the same way. We have the change to free ourselves, our souls, but instead we get caught in maya.

The Radish

I had a conversation with a white radish at my meal today.
I asked him “Are you a radish?” The radish said “yes.”
I asked, “Are you from India or Canada?”
The radish answered, “What is the difference if I am from India or Canada?”
Bapuji replied, “I see the difference.” One radish asked, “What difference?”
Bapuji exclaimed, “If you are from Americas you are not hot.”
Bapuji then bit into one of the radishes and it was quite hot. It reminded him of India. This radish said, “Do you know me know?”