Bapiji Anecdotes


Despite 30 years of intense sadhana, 12 of which he remained in complete silence, Swami Kripalu taught prodigiously by writing on a chalk slate. Read transcripts of his rare public addresses while living at Yogi Desai’s ashrams in Pennsylvania, including his final address just months before his passing.

July 9, 1969 – Welcome to Malav
May 14, 1974 – Sadhana
June 15, 1980 – Father’s Day
January 11, 1981 – Bapuji’s Birthday
December 21, 1981 – Christmas
September 27, 1981 – Final Farewell

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Bapuji's letters to Yogi Desai

Letters to Yogi Desai

After sending his householder disciple,
Amrit Desai, off to America, Swami Kripalu maintained regular correspondence with his protégé from 1966-1973, directly guiding his sadhana across the miles. Forty-eight letters in Bapuji’s precise and beautiful handwriting exist.
November 12, 1966
October 13, 1967
October 25, 1968
January 12, 1971

Look for the new book coming soon, Letters from Bapuji, containing the full text and details about his direct training of Yogi Desai.

Bapuji Lectures


Known for his humor and animated gift for story-telling, Swami Kripalu endeared himself to everyone he encountered with his natural sweetness imbued with pearls of wisdom derived from his direct experience of God-realization.Enjoy these brief narratives that are steeped in wisdom.

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Mataji’s Notebook