Darshan: Many Paths to Find Peace

Darshan: Many Paths to Find Peace

June 06, 1977 am

My beloved children.

In this world, there have been many, many paths invented or found in order to find peace.

The name of the beloved God is peace.

That is the joy, the bliss.

His name is happiness.

He’s omnipresent, so he is not to be looked for.

He is everywhere.

All you have to do is open your eyes to see him.

The reason why we do not see him is our eyes are closed, and that eye through which we see God is called inner eye.

The best method to open that eye, that inner eye, is love.

The love is the tool, love is the answer and love is something that we want to get.

So in order to reach the Lord, to become one with him, if anything that is most necessary and first necessary, it is love.

We can love no matter where we are.

We can love under any circumstances, whether we have our arms straight, legs are straight, or we are lying down, or we are sitting or we are walking; we could be doing anything.

Only thing is, we simply have to keep our mind attuned to God.

In order to increase the love, the self-control and good character means right behavior is necessary.

Those are two things by which love will increase.

The satachar [sp] means acting according to the right guidance, and self-control, these are the two feet of the Lord.

Bapuji explains what is good conduct.

It is not a perfect translation, but in Sanskrit “sat” means God and “achar” means behavior.

A behavior that leads up to God is satachar, means right conduct.

I feel that for your entire life, just this many words are enough.

Bapuji says that, may Lord help you attain to this, and it is by blessings that you may attain to this high state.

You will have to be patient for that.

Bapuji keeps saying that all the time.

And you will have to practice this for many incarnations, so play it cool.

There it won’t work 6:30 time, you’ll have to spend more time on it.

Thank you.